Week 2 and meet Seamus…

How on Earth am I already done with Week 2 of my 18 week training cycle?  I think I said this last year when I was training for VCM ’15, but MY GOD does time speed up the moment one starts training for a marathon.  Despite a few moments of self-doubt this past week, I am actually really happy about how Week 2 went down.  One of the great things about being Type A logging my training in a Google Doc and on this blog and in my Believe Training Journal and probably on Facebook and Instagram too is that I can compare where I am at running-wise now to where I was a year ago.  After a thorough analysis, I have determined that I am actually right on track.

As I alluded to above, I recently purchased Lauren Fleshman’s Believe Training Journal.  I have wanted this thing for SO long, and I am so glad I bit the bullet and bought it.  The Believe Training Journal is basically every former-angsty-teenage-journal-writer-now-adult-that-loves-running-and-talking-about-it’s dream come true.  If you had trouble reading the previous sentence, don’t worry, so did I.  Lauren Fleshman is my spirit animal.

I would show you the inside, but then you would know who I have a crush on my innermost running feelings.

Well let’s jump right to it, shall we?

MONDAY – 7.65 miles w/ 10 X 100 meter strides + cool-downs = 9 miles total

Believe it or not, this was my first time officially doing strides!  I LOVE STRIDES!  MORE STRIDES!  STRIDES AND HEALTHCARE FOR ALL!  In addition to discovering my love for strides, I rediscovered my hate for ice and almost dying during Monday’s run.

TUESDAY – Strength Training Adventure – Wanted to skip my strength routine SOOOOOO badly, but I sucked it up and I’m glad I did.  +1 for Shannon’s glutes!

WEDNESDAY – Due to inclement weather* and an inability to stop yawning, I decided to switch Wednesday’s 10 miler with Thursday’s planned rest/cross training day.  To be perfectly honest, I felt like a complete failure when I went to bed Wednesday night.

THURDSAY – The thing about marathon training is that it is relentless; yes, occasionally a workout can be moved from one day to another, but at some point you just gotta put in the miles and get ‘er done.  After I wrapped up work on Thursday I wanted nothing more than to go home and put on my sock monkey pajamas, but I had already postponed my 10 miler from Wednesday to Thursday.  So, I did what any self-respecting 30 year old would do and put my sock monkey pajamas on after I busted out 10 pretty-good miles.

FRIDAY – 5 recovery miles – Weirdly, this was the only run of the week in which my shin/calf hurt.  At some point during the run, I decided to name my shin/calf pain “Seamus” because referring to an ache as “Seamus” is a lot less scary than referring to an ache as “a possible stress fracture and season ending injury.”  Get out of town, Seamus!

SATURDAY – 13.1 mile long run – Not much to say other than despite sore EVERYTHING, I managed to negative split this run big time.  My plan called for 13 miles, but obviously I added the extra .1 because I like it when my Garmin congratulates me on a new record.  😀

SUNDAY – Long walk with the yellow monster and my her tennis ball.  I probably should have done some strength training today, but I’d rather eat liquefied cheese with chips while watching funny commercials.  (Note to self: more strength next week!  These glutes don’t work for free!)

Total Miles = 37.1

* Fun fact: I have not run on the treadmill since last summer (I know, who am I and what have I done to Shannon?) and I have a secret (well I guess it’s not a secret now!) goal of not running on the treadmill for the entirety of my VCM training cycle.  If winter decides to actually pay Vermont a visit, I may have to reassess this plan.  However, I will say that I have become MUCH tougher when it comes to running outside during the winter.  Aside from one comically cold and windy run a couple weeks ago, I’ve actually enjoyed braving the elements to get my run on.  A little negative degree weather with 30 mph winds never hurt anyone!  (Actually, that statement is probably the opposite of true.)

With 2 weeks down and 16 weeks to go, I am pleasantly surprised with the state of my endurance.  Three weeks ago, 10 miles seemed like an ultra marathon.  Today?  Not so much.  However, I’m still impatiently waiting for the return of my ability to run fast (for me).  The word on the street* is that my B-12 levels are very, very low.  I’ve started taking a supplement and I’m hopeful that I’ll feel less huffy-and-puffy in the coming weeks.

*And by street I mean doctor.

The most comfortable post-workout attire there ever was!

Until next time,


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