Recovery, trails, and running uphill for 2 miles!

First of all, a big thank to the Vermont City Marathon for posting the link to my little blog on its Facebook page.  Basically, I am famous now, so I can retire.  Goodbye.

Just kidding!  Really got ya there, huh?  However, the pressure is on to keep my interwebs friends up to date on my running adventures!  The first update is more of a non-update.  As you may recall if you are one of my loyal readers, I mentioned in my last post that I would be running the Capital City Stampede 10K.  I was really, really, really ^ 999 looking forward to this race, but I decided against it at the last minute.  Despite my earlier claims that I would “take it easy,” I know myself well enough to know that I would have charged out of the gate at lightening speed, realized my legs were made of lead, and drowned myself in the Winooski River injured myself.  There will be many 10Ks, but I only have 2 legs.  I need to take care of these puppies!

The good news is that 21 days after the marathon (hard to believe), I am finally beginning to feel like my legs are not made of lead.  To celebrate this development, I have been frolicking through the woods without my Garmin.

Hubbard Park deliciousness.
Hubbard Park deliciousness.

For the foreseeable future, I plan to only run on trails unless I am racing on a course that is not a trail.  The reasoning behind this extremely complicated plan is five-fold: 1) Trails are awesome, 2) Trails are generally shady, 3) Trails make me stronger, 4) Trails are easier on me old bones, and 5) I have always wanted to befriend a bear.  At some point, I will probably start training for a Fall marathon and resume running on the roads, but right now I just want to run with my bear friends in the woods.  After training for a marathon for a gazillion weeks, it feels GREAT to just run when I want, where I want, and for however long I want.

Another perk to running in the woods?  Provided I carry her water (SLACKER), this little monkey gets to join me for the shorter jaunts:

Kettle Pond. Do not go there. It is awful. There are bears.

Yesterday, Basil and I “ran” a 3 mile loop around Kettle Pond.  I put “ran” in quotes because we stopped numerous times to swim, and parts of the trail looked liked this:

While I am generally up for challenging terrain, I also happen to like my face.
While I am generally up for challenging terrain, I also happen to like my face.  (Also, polar bear.  Seriously, do not go to Kettle Pond.)

However, we managed to run about 75% of the trail, because other parts of the trail looked like this:

Delicious single track.  Really a shame about the polar bears, though.

Upon completing the loop, Basil and I decided to take a selfie to preserve our memory in case the escaped murderers were hiding out in the Groton State Forest to commemorate one of our more fun adventures:

Basil is obviously too cool to take a picture with her mother.  Kids these days.  :/

Oh, I should probably mention that I raced this morning!  Coined the Worcester 4 Mile Challenge, the race was more of a fun run than a race per se.  No clock, no real start/finish line (let’s start by this car, ok?), and one massive hill.  The course is an out and back and climbs ~700 ft in the first 2 miles, most of the elevation being in the second mile alone.  Out of a competitive field of 9 women in the race, I crossed the finish line in 2nd place!  Almost accomplished my goal of winning a race!  My legs are definitely still partially made of lead, but I had fun and won a really cool prize.  That’s what it’s all about, RIGHT?

Can you tell where the hill was?
Can you tell where the hill was?
Totally worth the $10 entry fee.

I heart running.

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