What’s next?

After the euphoria that was the immediate aftermath of the Vermont City Marathon, I fully expected to experience a serious case of the post-marathon blues.  Luckily, I have managed to mostly avoid this completely medically recognized condition over the course of the last 10 days.  I attribute my continued happiness to the following:

  • Rest!  I did not run or do any cardio whatsoever for a full 5 days after the marathon.  During the 5 days after that, I ran 4 times for 2-3 miles each time (with the exception of one 6 miler yesterday).  I’ve used the time I would normally spend running doing relaxing things such as catching up on Teen Mom reading the Classics and giving Basil her annual bath*.  My body took a serious beating during the marathon (thank god for handicapped bars in bathrooms) and I know that an injury is just lurking around the corner waiting to pounce should I ramp back up too quickly.  While I am feeling more than good 10 days out, during yesterday’s 6 miler my legs, specifically my left calf and quad, were definitely like, “Hi!  Hello!  We are your calf and quad!  It’s so great to be here!  We are feeling feelings right now!”
  • The knowledge that I am in awesome shape just in time for racing season!  While I will certainly not be gaining any fitness while watching Teen Mom resting my weary body, I know that it will take me no time at all to get back into fighting shape.  I’m excited to see what I’m capable of once I am finished watching Teen Mom fully recovered.  (Okay, okay – enough with the Teen Mom.)
  • As a continuation of the above bullet-point (sub-bullet-point?), I am really, really, really excited about upcoming races.  While I don’t have a set schedule at the moment, and I am forbidden from registering for races in the 2-3 weeks following a marathon (analogy: grocery shopping whilst drunk), I DO plan on doing most of the Central Vermont Runners races as well as several others.  First on the agenda is the Capitol City Stampede 10k on Saturday!  Will discuss this below…

* Giving Basil a bath is actually the opposite of relaxing.  It is probably a good core workout due to all the wrangling.

She looks
She looks pretty darn cute when not thrashing around!  Also, it is not lost on me that this is not the first time I have posted a picture of yellow lab bath time.

So what’s next?  A few things.  First up, the Capitol City Stampede 10k in two days!  I love this race because it is organized by my running club (CVR what what) and it takes place right in my backyard!  However, I know that racing any distance is quite stupid 13 days after a marathon.  Therefore, my plan is to run comfortably hard and drop out/slow down if anything hurts.  I do not want to risk a season ending injury for a podunk 10k.

Here I am running the Capitol City Stampede last year!  Did I win by landslide or lose by a landslide?  You be the judge!  (In actuality, I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack.  Gotta love small town races!)

After the Stampede at which hopefully no one gets stamped on that would be sad, I plan on running many more races in the 5k to half marathon range.  Nothing is set in stone.  I do have a few goals of both the running and sorta running/related to running variety.  Some of these goals are short-term and some are more long-term.


  1. Focus on strength training.  If this means cutting back on mileage to make time, so be it.  Strength training will make me a better runner and help me continue to remain injury free.  I’ve also concluded as a result of following Shalane, Kara, and Lauren on Instagram highly scientific studies that runners have arm muscles.  Given the sad state of my arms as of late, I would be happy with just one bicep.
  2. Set some PRs baby!  More specifically, I would like to:
    1. Break 22 minutes in the 5k.
    2. Break 46 minutes in the 10k.
    3. Break 1:40 in the half marathon.
    4. Break 3:35 in the marathon and qualify for Boston! (OBVIOUSLY SHMOVIOUSLY.)
  3. Run a trail race!
  4. Win a race!  I realize that this one is more dependent on the other runners in the race and less dependent on how fast I actually run.  Therefore, I need to strategically pick some completely unpopular/small-town races.  Even better, I need to sign up for a charity walk and pretend that I didn’t get the memo.  “Oh, this was a walk?  My bad!  NOW GIVE ME MY DAMN TROPHY!”

On that note, I’m going to go celebrate National Running Day a day late.

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