Holy guacamole, Week 8 is over and I am officially halfway to the marathon!  I began Week 8 with 4 goals: (1) Run outside as much as possible; (2) Run at least 50 miles; (3) Feel strong and steady during my 18 mile long run and finish fast; and (4) Eat more vegetables.  Who am I kidding, I heart vegetables.  I nailed the first 2 goals.  I ran 50 miles, 37 of which were run outside.  As for goal #3, I felt mostly strong and steady during my 18 miler, but I did not finish fast (on purpose).  Obviously I nailed goal #4 by I eating as many vegetables and cookies as cookie monster eats cookies.

Overall, Week 8 was a success.  I will discuss the details in just a moment.  You may be wondering why this posted is titled, “Rejection.”  Over the course of the last few weeks, I was rejected by not one, but TWO marathons.  I entered both the NYC marathon and Marine Corp marathon lotteries.  While I did not expect to get into NYC, I had high hopes that I would be accepted into the MCM.  FALSE.  I was rejected from both and I am having middle school dance flashbacks.  Right now, I am leaning toward running the Maine Marathon in the Fall, but I have a lot of time to make my decision.  Onto Week 8…

Week 8

Monday – Spontaneous Rest Day

Tuesday –  12 hilly miles

Wednesday – 7 miles easy

Thursday  – 5 miles easy (treadmill)

Friday – 8 miles easy/moderate (treadmill)

Saturday – 18 mile long run

Sunday – Rest

Total: 50 miles

Despite taking the previous Sunday off (as planned), I needed a second day of rest on Monday.  Some days my body just says, “Nuh-uh, I will be spending the evening on the couch eating bon-bons thankyouverymuch.”  To be honest, I am still experiencing the lingering effects of the worst. head. cold. of. all. time.  The only reason I got any sleep this week was due to my new BFF Mr. Nasal Spray, who has since been banished to a dark corner of my house due to his highly addictive properties.  Needless to say, I was raring to go by Tuesday.

Luckily, the weather on Tuesday was uncharacteristically nice, so I decided to head to the Berlin Pond area for some sunny outdoor miles.  I did not intend on running 12 miles, but I felt good and could not stop listening to Serial.  Plus, after taking 2 days off in a row, I needed to get in some solid mileage.  Surprisingly, because normally I feel like mushy peas after a longish/hilly run, I also felt good on Wednesday during my 7 miler.  I did not feel good on Thursday, however.  I know this because my planned 8-9 mile run turned into a 5 mile run with 2 bathroom stops.  TMI?  I think I have reached the beautiful point where I have transitioned to running outside and the treadmill is no longer my friend.  Unfortunately, this meant that in order to reach my weekly mileage goal, I had to run at least 8 miles on Friday, the day before my long run.  So the whole “take it super easy the day before my long run” plan went out the window.  Ah well, not a huge deal.

Muddy calves after Tuesday's jaunt.  Yes, I took this picture myself.  #acrobat
Muddy calves after Tuesday’s jaunt. Yes, I took this picture myself. #acrobat

Now for the long run.  The good news is that I finished 18 miles.  My pace was a bit slower than I would have liked, but only by about 15-30 seconds per mile.  The first few miles were rough, but this is usually the case with long runs.  Generally, my legs feel like crap for the first 2-3 miles of every run.  [Side note: You know you are a crazy marathoner when you do not feel warmed-up until 2-3 miles into a run.  I remember when 2-3 miles was a run.]  It can be really tough to think about the fact that I have 18, 17, 16 etc. miles to go.  For this reason, I try very hard to “stay in the mile I’m in.”  Some days, this is easier said than done.  On Saturday, I struggled mentally for all but a few miles of my run.  It was cold and the wind seemed to be in my face no matter which direction I turned.  Physically, my legs felt strong until the very end.  My stomach cooperated, and the fact that I ran with water was HUGE.

Speaking of water, during my long run this week, I lost my mind had a thought.  My thoughts on running with water have evolved in a very similar way to my thoughts on hanging out with my parents.  When I first started running long distances, I quickly realized that some sort of water carrying device was a necessity, especially during the warmer months.  My first water carrying device purchase was a Nathan handheld water bottle.  I quickly realized that I do not enjoy the feeling of carrying around a sloshing water bottle IN MY HAND when running.  Furthermore, I suspected that my right arm was becoming stronger than my left arm due to the extra weight and I am all about arm strength equality.  Lies.  I really just hated the way it felt.  My second water carrying device was a Fuel Belt.  It looked something like this:

Fun fact: Before I purchased a Garmin, I used to write directions for my runs on little pieces of paper and stick them in the front pouch of my fuel belt!
Fun fact: Before I purchased a Garmin, I used to write directions for my runs on little pieces of paper and stick them in the front pouch of my fuel belt!  Nerd alert.

At this point in my fledgling running career, running with a water belt was COOL because it indicated that I was a serious runner.  I ran so far that I required WATER.  This period was akin to elementary school, a time when I was the envy of my friends if my mom showed up to help out in my classroom.  However, just as prepubescence came to a grinding halt sometime around 6th grade, so did my fondness for my fuel belt.  Suddenly, wearing my fuel belt was sooooo uncool.  I think the uncoolness factor was exacerbated by the fact that in order to prevent bouncing, I had to wear my fuel belt like Steve Urkel at my natural waist.  In summary, I determined for unknown reasons that running with water was about as uncool as hanging out with your parents at age 13.  Enter, the Rev 6:

This thing is actually way cooler than it looks.
I purchased the Rev 6 in “flash green,” which is cooler than regular green.

At some point, I grew up realized that running without water for long distances is not smart, so I began to gradually let my parents be in the same room as me experiment with “cool” hydration packs.  I eventually settled on the Osprey Rev 6, which carries 1.5 liters of liquid in a bladder and contains many pockets for all sorts of running related goodies.  I am not kidding when I say that the Rev 6 weighs practically nothing.  Nonetheless, I only run with “Flash” (yes, I named my hydration pack) during long runs or when it’s especially hot outside.  Because let’s face it, while I may enjoy my parents more at age 29 than I did at age 13, I can’t run the risk of being completely uncool.

In other news, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Brooks PureCadence 4s.

The PureCadence 4s, expected to arrive tomorrow.
To be or not to be brought into my harem?  That is the question.

Goals for next week*:

*Technically this week because I am posting this bad boy on a Monday.  I am also writing this post under the influence of cold medicine, which may explain why I just compared running with water to puberty-related embarrassment.

  • Run at least 52 miles
  • Feel strong and steady on my 20 miler
  • Eat less candy/chocolate starting Tuesday because *whoops* I had brownies for lunch
  • Develop a realistic plan for the Unplugged 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks
  • Get my blood drawn and iron levels tested

That’s all folks!

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