Week 6 Recap

Week 6 is done!  Week 6 was hardly perfect, but it was a welcome relief after the suffer-fest that was Weeks 3-5.  With 10 weeks to go until VCM, I am feeling (at least with respect to my mileage) that I am right where I should be.  The speed will come.  Crossing fingers, toes, legs, arms, bellybutton.

After 3 weeks of too-low mileage, I ran 46 miles this week.  This puts me on track to peak somewhere in the high 50s to low 60s, which is all the mileage my body can handle.  I have no idea how people run 100+ miles per week.  I would love to be able to run that much without getting injured!  I would also love Shalane Flanagan’s arms and a pony.

My running hero!  I can't wait to watch her at Boston this year.  Obviously next year I will be too busy running.  ;)
My running hero! I can’t wait to watch her at Boston this year. Obviously next year I will be too busy running. 😉

Unfortunately, I am not yet 100% healthy.  My cold the plague made a second appearance late this week in the form of a stuffy nose and a sore throat.  Luckily, my symptoms are not nearly as bad as they were the first time around.  As of this morning, I am feeling much better.  KNOCK ON WOOD.  However, I would by lying if I said that this cold has not affected my running this week.  I’m actually pretty sure I set the world record for most number of snot rockets during my long run yesterday.  Running is a sexy sport, my friends.  (It is especially sexy when a snot rocket fails to launch properly and lands on my cheek.)  Okay, now that I’ve lost all 8 of my readers…

As for the anemia, I will not know for sure whether I’ve kicked it until I go back for another round of blood testing, which I plan to do this week.  Given that I am still struggling to maintain paces that should be fairly easier for me, I wouldn’t be surprised if my iron levels are still too low.  Aside from taking iron supplements twice a day, I am eating tons of spinach and single handedly altering the supply and demand of cheeseburgers.  Insert nerdy econ joke here.  I briefly considered taking liquid iron, but nixed that idea when I read that liquid iron can turn your teeth black.  No thank you.

PSA: Do not do a Google images search for "black teeth!"  Here is a picture of a unicorn instead.  You're welcome.
PSA: Do not do a Google images search for “black teeth!” Here is a picture of a unicorn instead. You’re welcome.

So now for the official Week 6 recap!

Week 6

Monday – 8 miles easy w/ fast finish (treadmill)

Tuesday –  7 miles easy/moderate in the great outdoors

Wednesday – 5 miles total w/ 2 miles at 10K pace (treadmill)

Thursday  – Rest

Friday – 9.5 miles easy (treadmill)

Saturday – 16.5 mile long run in the great outdoors

Sunday – Rest

Total: 46 miles

Although it was great to run outside on Tuesday after work, this run definitely kicked my butt a little bit.  Some days are just rough, ya know?  My legs felt like cement logs and it didn’t help that I had to hop all over the place to avoid puddles.  [Side note: If you are one of those people who purposely splashes runners, you are dead to me.]  Wednesday’s run was also a bit rough, but I think I overestimated my ability to do speed-work at this point.  I originally planned on 4 mile repeats, but could only manage 2 before calling it quits.  My rule of thumb is that I will not quit midway through a run unless I am legitimately hurt or sick.  I guess I should probably add “not remotely capable of completing planned work-out” to that list.  Live and learn.

Saturday’s long run was uneventful except for the part when I almost got arrested.  I felt terrific for the first half of the run.

Beautiful interstate 89!
Beautiful interstate 89!  Endorphins!

About 8 miles in, I began to feel a little bit thirsty.  Not desperately thirsty like the time I contemplated drinking polluted river water, but thirsty enough that I wasn’t sure I could make it another 8.5 miles without water.  So I decided to bop in a small general store!  I would name said small general store, but Vermont is a small state and perhaps small general store is owned by one of my 8 reader’s grumpy father/uncle/deranged cousin.  I grabbed a small coffee cup and filled it with tap water.  As I was leaving, the man at the counter informed me that if I DARED to walk out of the store with the cup he would call the police.  He then proceeded to go on a tirade about how people like me are the ones responsible for small stores going out of business.  Uh ok, crazy person.  Here is your already-dirty cup back.

After I recovered from that ordeal, I decided to take the shortest route back to my car where my beautiful water bottle was waiting to quench my oh-so-parched lips.  (Water fantasies can get pretty PG-13 during long runs.)  I wasn’t sure that my favorite dirt road was passable, but the temperatures had dropped low enough that the dirt had solidified!  Joy!

Remember that evil snowy road from a few weeks ago?  Not so evil now!  Muahahahaha.
Remember that evil snowy road from a few weeks ago? Not so evil now! Muahahahaha.

After chugging water like a frat boy chugs beer, I ran around Montpelier until my Garmin reached 16.5 miles.  In case you are wondering why I ran 16.5 miles, and not 16 or 17 miles, I have psychological issues a weird need to end my week with an even number of miles.

In other running news, I am desperately sad that Brooks has released a new model of my beloved Purecadences.  I currently own 4 pairs of the 3s and I am clinging to them for dear life because I can no longer find the 3s in my size anywhere on the interwebs.  I’m sure the 4s are satisfactory, but whhhhhhyyyyyy GOD WHY why did Brooks have to discontinue the 3s altogether?  Why couldn’t they have phased them out gradually to give me time to cope and adapt to the change?  If anyone has a recommendation for a similarly lightweight yet supportive shoe that will fit my narrow feet, please advise!  During my long run on Saturday, I finally bit the bullet and ran outdoors with my fourth and final pair of Purecadence 3s.  I had reserved them for treadmill use only to preserve their effortless beauty.  Yes, I realize I sound crazy.  Acknowledgment is the first step.

So beautiful, even with mud between the toes.
So beautiful, even with mud between the toes.

Lastly, I stocked up on enough running fuel to last me for through the marathon and possibly a nuclear holocaust.  So far, I’ve determined that my stomach likes gummy fuel the best, which isn’t surprising given that gummy candy is my favorite candy ever except for you, Cadbury creme eggs, I will never cheat on you.  I also purchased some honey stinger waffles, which I look forward to trying for the first time.

I'm embarrassed to admit that this cost about $46.
I’m embarrassed to admit that this cost about $46.

Seven is my lucky number, so I have no doubt that this will be a really good week!  🙂

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