Anemia Update and Other Exciting Life Events

The last time we talked, I mentioned that I am a turtle anemic.  Well, I have since visited my doctor.  After careful analysis of my blood work, he determined that I am most likely experiencing a deficiency of iron, B12, folate, or a combination of the three.  He ordered more tests and hopefully I will know the source of the problem (and thus be able to correct it) pronto.  When I noted that I run more than the average bear, he informed me that my hemoglobin levels are such that it probably feels like I am running at 10,000 feet in altitude.  While this was certainly a relief to hear given my turtle-ness as of late, I am looking forward to returning to sea level.

Week 3 started off slow, but has quickly picked up speed.  Due to an ill-timed Bloody Mary on Presidents Day, I decided to make Monday an impromptu rest day.  I’m sure George Washington would have approved.  While it perturbed me to veer off course for a fourth day in a row, impromptu rest days, especially in times of imperfect health, are good for the soul (and feet, muscles, and cardiovascular system).  I easily pumped out 9 treadmill miles on Tuesday as a result of aforementioned rest.  Although I ran slower than usual, I felt good for the first time in weeks.  In related news, I learned that Bruce Jenner is definitely maybe transitioning into a woman.  Thank you People Magazine for making the miles fly by.

I had to capture this moment because I usually pull the emergency chord by accident midway through my run.
I had to capture this moment of treadmill perfection because I usually pull trip over the emergency chord midway through my run.

Due to 30th Birthday festivities this weekend (NOT MINE, I AM STILL IN MY 20s THANK YOU VERY MUCH), I decided to move up my long run to Wednesday.  Although all hard work outs (including the usual MGP run the day before a long run), have been shelved until further notice, I figured that Tuesday’s 9 miler would allow me to simulate running on tired legs.  Maybe it was the fact that the sun was shining for the entire 14 miles, but I actually felt OK for the duration of the run.  I felt a little sluggish, but that was likely due to the anemia rather than tired legs.  It’s funny how my legs automatically settle into an 8:45-9:00 min/mile pace during long runs.  I had to consciously slow myself down multiple times in order to keep my turtley breathing in check.

Although the sun was shining, it was still only 8 degrees when I started my run.

Swagger not included.
Swagger not included.

I passed some friendly horsies.


The majority of my route was an out and back on Spear St. in Burlington/South Burlington.  I always forget about this route.  The scenery is beautiful (with the exception of the mini mansions scarring what used to be Vermont farmland) and the shoulder is mostly wide enough to prevent me from becoming roadkill.  Nom.  The cars are generally few and far between.  With the exception of one monstrous hill in the beginning, the hills are rolling, which I love!  I also added on a couple city miles at the end of my run.  Note to self: college students are the worst at sidewalk hogging.  Also, since when did college students start looking like 7 year olds?  I swear I am still in my 20s.

I recovered with a little stretching and Gatorade in front of the fire.

Glacier Freeze is the best flavor.  Trust.
Glacier Freeze is the best flavor. Trust.

I probably should have foam rolled and/or stretched some more, but I was FREEZING!  Luckily, I remembered to braid my hair this time so my shower was quite enjoyable.  Sorry to abandon you, new BFFs Mr. Comb and Mr. Bottle of Conditioner.  Until next time.  (And there will be a next time.)

It's the little things in life!
It’s the little things in life!

Today, I have a recovery run on the agenda.  Given that it snowed last night, I will probably stick to the treadmill.  Also, I really want to watch highly intellectual television on Netflix.  Until we meet again…

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